Recent Work: Holiday Cards

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Paper Culture Christmas Card Design from Emily Holt

It’s officially that time of the year when all of our senses are bombarded by cute reindeer, fake snow, and jingly bells. Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it. I’m currently in the love it phase, so you’ll have to bear with me while I show you some projects from this year that are currently in season (oh, so fetch) – holiday cards.

Paper Culture

Earlier this year, Paper Culture commissioned me for some illustrations for their customizable cards. I happy obliged, and one of them (the card up above) is available now in their shop! I didn’t realize they would offer them in all the card sizes, but it’s truly meant for a square card. Check it out.

Threefold Cards - Season's Greetings Card Design

Threefold Cards

I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with a new brand that just launched this season, Threefold Cards. These guys have the ultimate goal of simplifying your life and saving you time by addressing and actually mailing out all your holiday cards for you!

They needed my help creating little “stamps” that could be applied to any photo postcard. I then got to exercise my photography muscles by shooting some fun promo photography for their social posts. So much fun.

Threefold Cards - Social Photography and Graphic Design

I’ll be trying to add all these goodies to the portfolio section of the site soon. Until then, happy winter.

Top photo by the hubbins, Brad Holt.

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