Moodboard Monday: Savvie Studio

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As usual, the blog (and my website in general) has been put on the back-burner these last few months while I’ve been working on some fun new projects and done quite a bit of traveling. The good news: I have a total website relaunch planned in the upcoming months and I’ll hopefully be launching my first product as a freelance designer before the end of the year. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan!

In the meantime, I’m here with another Moodboard Monday. Tah dahhh.

The Client: Savvie Studio


Savvie Studio is a ladyboss-run handmade business based out of Denton, Texas. Savannah makes everything from rad geometric jewelry to midcentury-inspired plant stands. She was looking for an updated logo that really married her love of color, geometry, and clean lines, with the possibility of some southwestern influence.

The Moodboard

I really loved the idea of bringing more color into her brand, because Savannah is just one of those people that lights up a room with her charming personality. However, we also wanted the option to play with more neutral tones when needed (hello, charcoal and saddle brown) because so much of her work is inspired by nature and uses lovely warm wood tones. Savannah utilizes so many lovely geometric shapes in her work that playing with pattern was definitely on the table, so I brought a lot of that into the moodboard.

Along with her logo options, I worked up some patterns and icons that could play a part in each option’s system. This gave her an idea of how we could bring these logos to life with additional brand elements. For option one, I created a kinetic system where the primary icon could change out depending on which aspect of her work she was promoting at the time. The others toned it down a bit with nice, clean marks that could be easily engraved onto her woodwork.

Round One Options


After the typical two rounds of revisions, we landed on a final logo! We focused on geometry and simplicity, and included some more organic type in “studio” as a nod to the handmade nature of her products. If you’ve ever been curious about how my process plays out from round one and ends in a final logo, this mark is a great example. You can tell we focused in on Option 2 right from the get-go. We explored some other S options (including a super organic, branch-y one) and tried a few different type lockups before landing on the final version. With most clients, a little color exploration typically happens after round one, but Savannah and I happen to love all the same colors (no complaints here), so we kept the turquoise all the way through to the end. She was truly a gem to work with, and I have loved watching her business grow and can’t wait to see how she implements her new look!


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