A Year in Review: 2015

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I cannot believe 2015 is over. What a year, y’all. So much happened that I am so thankful for. Thanks for supporting my big leap into the scary world of unknowns (marriage, freelance, moving…) and making it so much less scary than I ever expected. I seriously cannot thank all of you enough.

To keep tabs on went down this year, before it all becomes a big blur, here are some of the more memorable moments and experiences:

Photo Collage of 2015
  • I experienced New Orleans and Mardis Gras for the first time as an adult, with my favorite Amanda.
  • Got married to that amazing guy of mine in March.
  • Honeymooned in San Francisco and fell in love with the city.
  • Took a calligraphy class and vowed to practice once a week. Never did.
  • Left my agency family that I learned so much from to take the leap into full-time freelance.
  • Learned how to bake bread with Brad – became addicted to homemade bread.
  • Landed my first two large clients as a freelancer – J. Hilburn & The Perot Museum.
  • Travelled to Disney World.
  • Flew to Seattle to be a bridesmaid for one of my bridesmaids. So much love and partying.
  • Explored Santa Cruz with B and got to know a bunch of cool cats at Octopus Creative.
  • Cultivated new friendships, rekindled old friendships, and strengthened some too.
  • Experienced our house being posted on the West Elm blog… right as we moved out. So bittersweet.
  • Explored Los Angeles and Joshua Tree on a girl’s retreat and tightened bonds with some amazing creative ladies (that I will blog about soon, promise).
  • Moved back to Denton into a temporary, money saving situation. Grew closer with B in our mutual frustrations.
  • Made an impromptu trip to the beach in mid-November. Fully realized the perks of being able to work from everywhere in this moment.
  • Helped build or expand roughly 40 brands, big and small, and loved every minute of it.


Goals from 2014:

This time last year I swore I would blog more. I’m happy to report I’ve blogged 13 times this year, which is a huge improvement from last year’s zero. Here’s to hoping it only becomes more regular. I also wanted to learn calligraphy… welp. I took a class. It’s a step. Practicing is a entirely different beast. Getting married was a goal, I suppose, and that went off without a hitch. I still like that dude quite a bit.

Goals for 2016:

So, listen. I know it’s totally cliche to set goals for an entire year, but I’m a total sucker for this kind of stuff. So… what are my goals for 2016? There are a few.

  1. Continue to grow my freelance business. Survival is preferable.
  2. Create a new line of illustration prints and greeting cards to sell locally (and possibly online).
  3. Buy a house (this is a big one, folks!) and experience the ups and downs of home ownership with B, renovations included.
  4. Become more involved in good causes going on in my city. One idea: volunteer photography at the local animal shelter.
  5. Travel to at least 5 unusual cities. 2015 was a good travel year. Let’s keep that going.

Once again… thank you all for making 2015 great. So how about you guys? Any big goals for the new year?

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Posted on October 20, 2017 at 8:37 am

Hello Emily I am graphic design student I just had a question when do you know you are ready to get a job ? Thank you

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