Next Up: Moving, Saving, & West Elm

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It’s been an eventful few months over here, so again, apologies for the quiet. My trip to Santa Cruz back in August to visit Octopus Creative was so much fun! That team is so incredibly talented and so dang friendly. More on them and the project we’re working on together in a later post.

Not long after coming back to Dallas, Brad and I started seriously discussing moving back to Denton to keep saving up towards our own home. After looking around at some rentals, we realized what might be best for us is to move back into the rental Brad’s folks own, where we lived in college. That means we ended up selling a lot of furniture and putting even more into storage. We’ll be here for 6-8 months and hopefully start looking at houses late spring next year! Super exciting, but definitely a huge adjustment. I know a lot of you have been in the same position – sometimes you need to sacrifice a little and hunker down with some housemates to save those dollars.

Logic-money-saving-brain aside, there were a lot of tears shed over leaving our little rental home. We got engaged in the dining room there, we planned a wedding, got married, started new businesses, adopted a dog… the list goes on. So you can imagine my glee + panic + disappointment + more glee when West Elm‘s social media team reached out to me and wanted to do a photoshoot of our house, complete with interview, the very same day I finished selling things and putting everything else into boxes. Thinking I had just ruined my chances at a weird mini-goal of mine, I threw out that I had plenty of photos of our house with my fingers crossed the blog could still go on! Good news. It did.

So, if you’re into it, check out our house on the West Elm blog.

Eee, that’s still so fun to say. And, as always, if you’re curious about what I’m actually working on or what my temporary work setup looks like, stalk me on instagram. I promise I’ll be posting some project updates on the blog soon, plus a post about my girl’s retreat in Joshua Tree at the end of October. I love you all. For reals.

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