Oh, hey 2014.

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What a crazy year, my friends. 2013 flew by, and I can’t believe what I crammed into a single year. Moving (and therefore lots of furniture investments), traveling, my first trip to Europe, the 5 year mark with my love, an awesome year of growth with my work… and, well. Photos tell it better. Most of these are my instagrams, but a few are stolen from good ol’ Brad.

I started off the New Year in Disney World this year. It was my first time there, so it was a super amazing experience to see all their New Year’s fireworks.

In February, Brad finally got his car he’d been on the waiting list for for about 18 months. It’s pretty much all I heard about for a year, so I’m glad the waiting stage is over! It is a beaut. As skeptical as I was, I was glad we don’t share finances (yet) and now that he drives us everywhere, I’m saving a ton on gas.

March: My first go-round at SXSWi. It was a blast, and great bonding with my coworkers (who at this point, I’d only been with for about 4 months). Next year I’ll definitely be more prepared in the shoe department.

In April Brad and I rode in Ride for Heroes. We did the 35 mile route, and it was only a little tough (read: really tough). Of course, in our usual fashion, we fell off the cycling wagon afterward. Picking it back up this month! Also, it appears this is when I still had my iPhone 4S with the busted front facing camera. I was trying to do a selfie and accidentally got this shot of the riders in front of us. Oops!

This was halfway into the ride. We were feelin’ it, for sure.

Another traveling win: Vegas in April. My bosses and I went for an interactive conference (Future Insights). First time in Vegas and it was all paid for? I’m in. It was so much fun, and the food… so fantastic.

Annual Holt summer vacation to Orange Beach in May! A short, but fun getaway. I’m not too much of a beach person, but I do enjoy getting my annual dosage of Vitamin D.

June marked the end of my Fuzzy Muffins project. We had a good, long 5 years together, but it was time to focus on design & illustration only. I meant to start a new personal project before the year’s end, but never found the time! Definitely a 2014 goal.

Brad and I also signed a lease to our first single family home together this June. AND we ended up getting our keys a bit early! Move in date was set for July 1st, but early keys equals paint swatches. I can’t believe how much we did to make this house feel like a home… but I’m so glad we did.

Of course, July was our move in month, and I went nesting crazy.

A group of my good college designer buddies make a point to reunite once a year at a friend’s family lakehouse. August was year 3, I believe of the tradition! This place is the place I know I’ll look back on in my old age and have lots of warm, fuzzy memories of being young. I kind of have them already!

B and I have been talking about moving to Portland for a few years… but neither of us had every been. So in August, as a “it’s my birthday” trip we finally ventured to the Pacific Northwest! It was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone was super friendly, but in the end, we realized Portland wasn’t for us… at least not full time. I’m sure we’ll be back to visit before long though.

September marked 5 years for Brad and I. We celebrated by taking photos of grungy walls for our new house and eating delicious food. Completely low-key, but completely us.

October… Oh, October. I finally got a passport. There’s a band called Snarky Puppy that B always travels with when they do their album recordings. He’s part of the core video team that puts together their DVDs. Well, it turns out this year’s album was happening in Holland. In the Netherlands. Very close to Amsterdam. I was planning on going whether he liked it or not.

Turns out there was an open spot on the video crew so guess what? I’m now a pro videographer (I’m not. I’m really not). But I did get to use a fancy camera and a jib and rock out behind the bassist/band leader through all 8 recording sessions. The whole experience was just amazing. The Dutch are a great people.

This was on one of our walks. Since we were there for work, I didn’t get the full Europe experience, but the adventuring we did within Utrecht, Netherlands was a perfect appetizer for what our big Europe trip will hold (future, future trip).

Once we got back home from Europe, we just nested. November was a nice breather. I also apparently have a plant obsession. It happens.

Since it’s our first year in our big-kid home, I was SO excited about decorating for Christmas this December. We borrowed a tree from Brad’s folks, but it turns out it was like the width of our entire living room, so we ended up buying one. A pre-lit slim tree hit the spot. Thanks, Target. I also finally got to get a little white deer for our yard, which I’ve dreamed about ever since I was 10! Love those things. 🙂 Putting up lights together went smoothly too, and felt so weirdly adult-y.

Then of course we had a work holiday party AND a personal “Thanksmas” pot-luck party with some of our friends. So much cheer and festivity. And a few drinks, of course… A super awesome month!

Now we’ll roll in the new year with another party, good friends, and some goals. So they’re online:

  • get back into working out regularly
  • blog about indsutry-related goodies more often
  • start a personal project (illustration related)
  • get out of credit card debt (isn’t this everyone’s goal?)
  • visit at least two new cities

How about you? What are your goals for 2014?

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