Daily Inspirations: Help Ink

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Earlier this week I discovered a really, really awesome website. Especially awesome if you’re a print junkie like me. It’s called Help Ink, and it’s magical. Basically, they invite really badass designers to create really badass prints. These then get turned into posters, notebooks, mounted prints, and notecards. You buy them, they give money to charity, and everyone rejoices.

[quote]When you make a purchase, you choose a cause. We’ll make a donation to a charity that is working to further the cause you chose.[/quote]

The best part? The prints are seriously affordable. You can get a 12″ x 16″ poster for just $15! Check out some of my favorites below:

Graphic Design Inspiration: Brad Woodard Poster
Go and Do by Brad Woodard

Graphic Design Inspiration: Bobby McKenna Poster
Live Together by Bobby McKenna

Graphic Design Inspiration: John Choura Poster
Round and Round by John Choura


Which ones do you want the most?

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